Bringing Yaupon Back

Texas Yaupon Tea

The American Mahtey

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We became interested in yaupon tea several years ago after purchasing 90 acres of land in the Lost Pines of Bastrop County, Texas . One of our favorite activities was to take long walks through the woods and alongside the creeks with our field books in hand and try to identify the multitude of plants and wildlife.  Of particular interest was the identification of edible wild plants as well as their historic and current medicinal uses. When learning that yaupon holly was the only caffeinated plant in North America, we became curious about the taste: what a pleasant surprise! And when serving the tea to friends and family, we realized how much it was enjoyed by all and couldn't help wondering why so few people knew about yaupon holly tea.  After researching its fascinating history, we were sad to learn that although it had been held in such high esteem for centuries, it was now considered a nuisance plant among many large landowners and an ornamental plant for landscapers.  What a dramatic decline in status. 

As the culture of hot tea and 'yerba mate' began to gain popularity in the United States, and more emphasis was placed on sustainability, buying local, organically grown, and the use of GMO's, we felt more and more passionate about promoting this long lost treasure and reintroducing it to the US market.  Its time had come! In 2011 we began researching the ins and outs of what it would take to harvest, roast, and package yaupon tea; leading to the concept of "Texas Yaupon Tea, The American Mahtey, Bringing Yaupon Back". By 2012 our yaupon tea was on the market!!!  We really hope you enjoy yaupon tea as much as we do.!